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Maybe you've heard of the Amish, or maybe even had the opportunity to visit one of their communities. I have the privilege of living among them in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the oldest Old Order Amish settlement in America.

My name is Jonathan Myer. As I have lived and worked with the local Amish people, I have met those who help to further the reputation of the Amish as wonderful craftsmen. Because of their simple lifestyle, they are used to working with their hands, and taking their time to do things right. Cutting corners in quality just to make that extra dollar is not as important to them. As I began to market my own woodworking products on the internet at www.colonialtrading.com , I realized that the Amish do not have the ability to do the same with their products. Amishcraft.com is an attempt to bring these wonderful items to the world.

As with any group of people, just because something is 'Amish-made' does not mean that it is high quality. There have been some items that I have chosen to not put on this site because they do not meet my quality standards. All of the products on this web site have been selected for their exclusiveness and authenticity, as well as their quality. I have made sure that every item featured on this web site is made by Amish people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The wagon wheels are made by a company that makes wheels for real wagons, and the straw hats are also authentic. The candles are hand-dipped by Amish. Many of the rest of the products are made in converted portions of barns on Amish farms, as a supplement to their farming income.

For more information on the Amish, visit the link About the Amish. This is a brief overview, but will give you somewhat of an idea about who they are.

Amishcraft.com is maintained through my woodworking business, Colonial Trading Co. You may notice reference to this on your bill or credit card receipt. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me.

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