Sarvin Style Hub

Pictured is a Sarvin style hub. These wheels were largely used on carriages and light wagons. They usually have 16 spokes, but that can vary.

A Sarvin style hub is made up of (2) steel flanges with rivets through the spokes. These steel sleeves contain a wood core. Inside the wood core is steel sleeve or tubing called a boxing, grease boxing, or grease knave. It is important for us to reuse this boxing, so that our new wheels will fit on your axle correctly.

In order to quote a Sarvin wheel, we will need:

- diameter of wheel

- number of spokes

- width of spokes at the hub (distance between the steel flanges)

- thickness and width of tire (steel or rubber?)

- thickness and width of the felloes (wood part of rim)

Of course, a picture is always helpful as well. With this information, we can quote wheels that will fit your rig perfectly. Call (717)286-4041 today!

Sarvin Style Hub
Sarvin Style wheels
Sarvin Style wheel 2