Archibald Style wheels

Pictured is an Archibald style hub. These wheels were largely used on heavy wagons and cannons. They usually have 16 spokes, but that can vary.

An Archibald style hub is made up of (2) pieces that are bolted together through the spokes. They are solid steel or brass, with no wood core. Archibald wheels are especially difficult to rebuild, since the spokes are fitted tight in the hub, rather than being set in a mortised core. 

In order to quote an Archibald wheel, we will need:

- diameter of wheel

- number of spokes

- width of spokes at the hub (distance between the flanges)

- thickness and width of tire (steel or rubber?)

- thickness and width of the felloes (wood part of rim)

Of course, a picture is always helpful as well. With this information, we can quote wheels that will fit your rig perfectly. Call (717)286-4041 today!

Archibald Style wheels
Archibald Style wheels